DSV Drill Stem Valve Tset Stand

Reducing time and cost whilst increasing efficiency and safety for the operator

With unprecedented sales in the first two months of 2023, Sub-drill’s DSV™ Test Stand is fast becoming the standard kit for onshore and offshore operators. Used extensively on drilling rigs, vessels, platforms and test facilities, Sub-drill is proud that it has ensured the integrity of the operator's drill stem valves and associated equipment for 20+ years.

Now standard protocol with major drilling contractors, Sub-drill’s DSV™ Test Stand has been designed with speed, efficiency and rig personnel safety in mind. By utilising the DSV™ Test Stand, Drill Stem Valve testing can be carried out quickly and safely offline in parallel with BOP testing or drilling.

Benefits include:

• Significantly reduces costs

• Proven in the field for 20+ years

• Certified by third-party DNV design verification

• Quick, easy, pre-defined and safe

• Compact design, easy handling and storage

• Built-in safety features to protect rig personnel

• Well-control equipment testing compliance

• Does not require the conventional Rotary Table, Rig Tongs or Iron Roughneck

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