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Sub-drill: Global Offices and Product Distributor Network

subdrill USA

Equipment Resources International
435 Mason Park Blvd
Katy, TX. 77450 USA
Tel : +1 281 492 6622

Sub-drill Brazil

CONCEDA Servicos Tecnicos Ltda
Av. Atlantica 2500
Loja 17 – Cavaleiros
Macae–RJ, Brazil
Tel: +55 22 2773 5758

Sub-drill Norway

Norwegian Seals AS
Kjøpmannsbrotet 7
N-4352 Kleppe
Tel: +47 51 78 60 30

Sub-drill Ghana, West Africa

ETG Ghana Ltd
Alba House, Plot 2
Effia Road
PO Box TD 489
Takoradi, Ghana
Tel: +233 312 024 354

Sub-drill Singapore, Asia Pacific

Energy Equipment Services Pte. Ltd
No. 11 Pandan Road
Singapore 609259
Tel: +65 6266 8786

Singapore & Asia Pacific
Sub-drill Australia

Atom Supply
PO Box 1141 Cloverdale
Western Australia 6985
Tel: +61 8 9351 3600

Sub-drill United Arab Emirates

Al Mazroui Trading & General Services LLC
PO Box 97, Al Yasat Tower, Suite 801
Najda Street, Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
Tel : +971 2 672 0730

United Arab Emirates
Sub-drill Islamic Republic of Iran

Comet Enterprises Ltd
16 Separ Street, Africa Boulevard, Tehran
15186-43891, Iran
Tel: +98 21 8608 1346
Tel: +98 21 8608 2354

Islamic Republic of Iran