The DAFSES Dual Angled Flanged Side Entry Sub was developed as a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a number of drilling operations.


These include Wireline / Logging tool entry, Remote Control Ball or Dart Drop via Air Actuated Valves to activate a downhole tool, Frac Pumping Y / Head, Surface Ball or Dart Drop Sub, Introducing Mud Additives and various other operations.

Dual Angled Flanged Side Entry Sub (DAFSES) is the answer:

The flanged side entry connection can be replaced easily if damaged

Available with working pressures up to 15,000psi

Compact flange design

Large ID versions available

Available with all types of rotary shoulder connections including Proprietary connections, VAM, NOV Grant Prideco, Tenaris etc.

Finite Element Analysis carried out to ensure reliability and good service life

Also available as a single entry sub (AFSES)

Dual Angled Flanged Side Entry Sub