Since 1993: Sub-X™ Wellhead & BOP System OEC Gaskets have been used throughout the world wherever deep-sea exploration and production of oil and gas takes place, providing a global client base with quality, expertise, reliability and consistent performance.

Sub-drill’s track record of zero failure for a product introduced back in 1993, combined with an ability to provide the market with customer service through quick response and stocking priority, has enabled us to become a trusted manufacturer of choice for many of our clients.

DNV design Sub-Drill / DNV Design Verification

Gasket/Seat interference, preload stress and resultant gasket strain are verified and certified by DNV to confirm that an effective high pressure seal is maintained between BOP and Wellhead components during drilling and production, and ensuring that Sub-X™ complies fully with API Standard 53 4th Edition.

Sub-X™ Sub-Sea Gaskets are manufactured and coated “in house” to extremely tight tolerances from traceable material with zero ovality to ensure consistent sealing – every time.

100% Quality Control and unique product stamping and serial numbering underlines our ongoing commitment to customers offering full identification and traceability of the Sub-X™ product.

Sub-X BOP Gasket manufacture


sub-x bop gasket completion