The Subdrill DSV™ Test Stand provides a quick, easy, pre-defined and safe method of testing Drill Stem Valves prior to installation in the string, without requiring the Rotary Table, Rig Tongs or Iron Roughneck.

Now standardised fleet wide with a number of drilling contractors, the DSV™ Test Stand is designed for easy operation.

DNV design Sub-Drill / DNV Design Verification

15,000 psi Maximum Working Pressure

Requires only a Chain Tong for make-up and break-out of X-Overs and Valves

Avoids the use of the Rotary Table, Rig Tongs or Iron Roughneck

Compact design

Interchangeable X-Overs available for Drilling & Tubing Rotary Threads

Non-Rotate feature

Tests off-line in parallel with BOP testing or drilling

Saves 2-3 hours during a routine rig BOP test

DSV Test Stand, Sub drill