Sub-drill are delighted to announce its appointment as an authorised licensee to machine DP-Master Performance Connections. DP-Master are world leaders in the design and manufacture of Drill Pipe, Heavy Weight Drill Pipe, Drill Collars and Drill Stem Accessories.

This authorisation will allow Sub-drill to cut new threads on accessory equipment, including the Sub-drill range of drilling tools. The license will also allow Sub-drill to repair connections on accessory equipment for the DP-Master range of DPM-DS and DPM-MT Connections.


DP-Master offer two types of double-shouldered connections. The DPM-DS (Double Shoulder) connection is a generic API double shoulder connection which is widely used throughout the oil and gas industry in extended reach drilling. The DPM-MT (Master Torque) connection is an enhanced DS connection with additional 25% torsional strength, allowing clients to drill the most challenging wells.

By aligning ourselves with such a reputable global manufacturer, Sub-drill continue to add value and capability, and offer access for our clients to an increasing range of quality products and services.