DSV Crossover Subs

Manufactured to match thread types for the majority of API and Proprietary connections.

Last month we spoke about our very own manufactured DSV™ Test Stand and how it’s fast becoming the standard product of choice for Operators when testing their Drill Stem Valves remotely.

This month we continue with our Drill Stem Valve service theme by introducing our bespoke designed and manufactured DSV™ Test Stand Crossover Subs (the connectivity link between our DSV™ Test Stand and the Drill Stem Valves).

Our DSV™ Test Stand Crossover Sub offers quick, safe, and easy installation for the Operator when pressure testing Drill Stem Valves using the Sub-drill DSV™ Test Stand.

The Crossover Sub is fitted with Hoist rings to enable easy handling and Top Seals (or T-Seals) that have been designed specifically to enhance Low Torque capabilities of the Test Stand unit. Our proven design ensures quick and safe disassembly and assembly of the test equipment, subsequently offering time and cost savings to the Operator during multiple Drill Stem Valve testing.

All of our DSV™ Test Stand Crossovers Subs are designed and manufactured “in house” at our “state of the art” manufacturing facility in Westhill, United Kingdom, and like all of our products, fully meet our strict quality control requirements.

Benefits include:

• In-house design and manufacture

• Special designed T-Seals, allows for low torque make-up

• Available in most connection types, including API and Proprietary connections such as NOV-GP, DP-Master, VAM, Tenaris etc.

• Certified by third-party DNV design verification

• Proven in the field for 20+ years

• Quick, Safe and easy installation

• Assists in the maintenance of Well-control equipment compliance

• Offers time and cost savings during Drill Stem valve testing

Operating Video: A full operating video of our DSV™ Test Stand, including disassembly and assembly of the crossover subs and seal installation is available on request.

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Next month's article will feature our Drill Stem Valves.